January 22, 2013

Scratching My Winter Itch

I happened across this recipe today, and thought that I had to have it in my life NOW. I don't itch near as much as I used to before handmade soap,but frankly in the winter my skin could use some extra tlc. I whipped some up today (ahem, I just happen to have all of the ingredients lol!) I ground up some oats to a fine powder with my mocajete(yes, I prefer to grind them by hand(I'm just a dork like that), but a coffee grinder works very well too.) I melted my coconut oil in the microwave until just melted then added the olive oil, oats, a few drops of Rosemary, and a few drops of Lavender.The heavier bits of oats will settle to the bottom. I put it in the freezer to cool and once it had sort of solidified I had to dive in (of course.) I thought it might be a bit oily initially-but instead I found that it absorbs very nicely leaving my skin feeling like velvet + protected. I highly recommend you give it a try- your Eczema or winter skin will thank you.

Here's the recipe (in case you don't want to look it up)-

Eczema Cream

1/4 Cup of Oats-finely ground
3/4 Cup of Coconut Oil
1 Tbs. of Olive Oil
a few drops of Rosemary (optional)
a few drops of Lavender (optional)

Readers Digest Version Instructions-
Basically the directions are to melt the coconut oil,add the olive oil, oats and essential oils.
Let cool >>Easy Peasy!

If you want this to be extra luxurious and you love the scent of Coconut-pick up some Extra Virgin Coconut Oil-most health food stores carry it. Yum!

Please note: This recipe does not have a preservative in it-avoid introducing water via wet hands etc. Keep in mind Coconut oil tends to be melty at around 76 degrees F. Keep in a cool place.