June 21, 2011

Business Tip Tuesday -Seven Tips to Make Your Customers Love You

These days when every customer counts, what are some steps you can take to keep your customers in your corner ? Over the next 7 weeks I will post 7 ways to make your customers love you. Tip # 4 Stay In Touch/Relationship Building

Stay In Touch/Relationship Building While the frequency may vary, every customer should receive an “off line” touch at least once per quarter. Stay in touch with e-mails and newsletters even more often. Over time, as you relate to your customers you will develop a relationship, especially if your “touches” are informational or educational and are designed to reach out to them in a more personal way. You might share a recipe, or information on an upcoming local event – something that will be of interest to your customer that is not a product pushing correspondence. Relationship building is not always about selling your product, but is about relating to the customer in a more personable way.


Celine Blacow said...

Do you mean via FB or Twitter or your blog or an actual face-to-face? I try and keep up with my online customers via social networking (which is how most of them have found me anyway).. and a lot of my customers have become my friends too and so I keep up with their lives that way too.

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Hi Celine,I think it depends on what kind of relationship you have.Do you see them weekly at market-are you neighbors-then you might call or drop a note once a quarter. Are you just online buddies -then fb,twitter etc.is more appropriate.Social networking has really become the standard as a way to easily keep up, but sometimes an old fashioned hand written note is just so unusual that is makes for a nice touch.

Tara said...

I hadn't thought of this, Michele. Great tip. Thank you.