March 10, 2012


Fir Needle

I've been reflecting a lot lately on my soap journey(it's been almost 4 years)and the time has truly just flown by. I've never been the kind for person to stick with anything for too long-whether it was a lack of discipline, or perhaps things just weren't a good "fit." I've left behind a trail of things tried and soon abandoned. Soap has been somehow a different ever intriguing journey. I floundered just a bit in figuring out my "soaping" style. I once thought to be successful I had to emulate the soaping styles of the ones I saw as the soaping "greats," but it was recently when I started giving in to my own inner voice that I've felt a peace about my own style. I once thought that my style of  uncomplicated and "simple" soap would never sell. I was convinced I would never be successful until I could make soap like some of the greats even though it meant compromising the soaping style I felt a connection with. It's only been lately that I have realized how fitting and important my soaping style is to me-and that it's really an extension of the things I find make me happy in life. Things like the season's first taste of homegrown vine ripened cherry tomatoes bursting with sweet acidic juicy goodness, the sweet ozone smell of rain, fields of sunflowers tilting there heavy heads to greet the sun,the scent of whispering conifers on a crisp fall day, passing panoramic fields of lavender on a winding New Mexico road, the beautiful essence of floral in a thick gooey taste of farmer's market honey, the changing Season's fresh palette.These are the things that make me purr, the things that make life great-I guess by my very nature I am simple and uncomplicated and so my soaps are a natural extension of who I am-uniquely and authentically me.


Paula said...


Yes we all need to reflect on our own accomplishments, rewards, setbacks, and failures. That is what makes us grow to be stronger.

Sometimes we get caught up in what everybody else is doing (or not doing) that we miss the opportunity for us to succeed.

Keep up with the great soaps, and always remember, what ever your style is as long as it makes you happy- it is the only one that matter

Jennifer Young said...

I really related to this beautiful post, as I feel quite similarly. Love your soaps!! xo Jen

Lynda said...

I love your simple and uncomplicated soap style!

Tara said...

Here here, Michele! I go through those periods of comparing myself to other soapmakers, thinking perhaps I should add fragrance oils to my list of ingredients. "people sure do like them." And then I remember the couple of times I tried to make such soaps and they just didn't feel right. I was trying to fit myself into someone else's mold. I'm kind of going through this this morning actually but I remind myself to stay true to me. Kudos to you for staying true.

Gabbie said...

What a beautiful post. I wish we lived closer, l would love to come and soap with you :-)