October 20, 2011

12 by 2012

So, I saw this on my favorite blog Modish,who saw it on Indie Pretty, who saw it on Oh Hello Friend -that built the house that Jack built-oops! wrong story line. Anyway,I thought it was great motivation to get some looming things that I've been putting off out of the way, and also a way to build some momentum to start 2012 off in a productive way.

My list consists of things I've been dreading that would be "oh so satisfying" to get out of the way, as well as habits I want to instill for 2012 sprinkled with a few things I want to do for me as sort of a built in reward system.

1) Pull all the ahem "stuff" out of the garage - categorize as either stuff to keep or garage sale. Sweep and clean garage thoroughly and pack all the keeper "stuff" back in.
2) Walk daily and  enjoy the feel of sunshine on my face
3) Drink water daily - unfortunately I have to make a conscious effort to make sure I do this
4) Go on picnics with my mister
5) Take time out for "date night"
6) r & d  on new product - so fun!
7) Market, market, market those soaps and hand balms.
8) Lose 10# before 2012 (is it possible with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner?)
9) Think about and make handmade gifts this year for Christmas
10) Paint and freshen up the kids bathroom
11) Take time to read real books
12)  Learn to step outside my box to purposefully do things I'm not so comfortable with - face fears head on setting a new precedent for 2012.

The sky is the limit, what would you like to achieve before 2012?


twobloomsdesignstudio said...

What a great idea, I really want to lose weight, get fit and eat healthy and I started 2 weeks ago by climbing up a mountain nearby and giving up all forms of sugar and really limiting processed foods. I won't get to my goal weight by then but it's a start. The only downside is it takes time to prepare healthy foods which means less time to soap.

Also plan to get my website done before Christmas.


HeirloomNaturalSoap said...

Yep! I think you "Michel(l)es" are on the right track. I've been working out just about every morning lately, and my phone goes off every hour to remind me to drink 8oz. of water...pathetic that I need an alarm? Perhaps, but it has really helped me! Best wishes to you on reaching your goals -you can do it! :)

innerearthsoaps said...

Sounds good Michele! I did a spring clean over the weekend and it felt sooo good!