October 27, 2011

Shampoo Bar Challenge - Six Month Update

I was thinking yesterday that it's been six months since I began on the Fourteen Day Shampoo Bar Challenge. I have to say that in the beginning I was very skeptical as to how my hair would respond to a "shampoo bar." I had doubts that I would be happy with it. I had the same questions that I think most people have 1) would it lather enough to be satisfying 2) would I be able to get a brush/comb through it if I don't use silicone laden product on my hair 3) would it be too harsh. Well, six month later I am happy to say that my hair loves it. My hair is soft and manageable-every bit like my hair prior to the switch and maybe even better. I use strictly shampoo bar with a vinegar/water rinse. I never ever deviate I am very consistent,and my hair is totally adjusted and loving it.;-))

For those of you who have been brave/curious enough to try it-what has your experience been like? 


jo said...

been enjoying your blog for some months now!thanks to you and your co-horts' intrepid experiment, i started using my soaps instead of shampoo about 2 months ago and haven't looked back!i don't have a soap formulated specifically as a shampoo bar, but my "regular" soaps seem to be working very well. i don't get a lot of lather, it seems to just "melt" into my hair, but it feels very clean and fresh afterward. i have to say the vinegar rinse has been the big revelation for me!i would never have guessed how soft and silky it really does leave your hair!

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Excellent!So glad to hear you are enjoying the blog and have taken a shampoo bar for a spin.Yes,the vinegar rinse is a must and the key to shiny hair.Thanks for stopping by!