May 6, 2011

Beautiful Thing Friday - Under the Dreaming Tree

The Dreaming Tree
Azure sky
Dappled sun filters through the leaves pleasantly warming my skin
Leaves rustle and whisper my name
Dreams dance in my head; anything is possible on a day like today

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Briny Bar Soap said...

Besides soap? Hm...

I came to Minnesota for a month before moving to Laramie for a job with the park service. I am alone most of the day and with this in-between period, I have a lot of time for reflection. Is it weird to say reflection is beautiful? I feel that I am bringing myself to ease.

I am a plant person. Mostly, I am a tree person. There are trees here that are not back at home, like bigtooth and shaking aspen, poplars, larches...not much of a variety though. But I have never seen so many different kinds of lichens in my life! Northern Minnesota has the most lichen variety in the world. True story. Lichens take me to a dream world.

No ginkgos though...luckily I got one on my back. They're my absolute fave.

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Hi Miss Briny,I have had a fascination with trees as long as I can remember. I love so much about them - the shape of the leaves, the texture of the bark, how the branches stem out from the trunk to form a unique shape for that particular tree,how they signal the ebb and flow of the seasons. Kind of a quirky thing on my bucket list I would like to make a coffee table book of beautiful trees. I heart trees!