May 3, 2011

Business Tip Tuesday - Market Booth Display Tips

Research – look around online at what others are doing. Browse the various Flikr groups for lots of inspirational craft booth set ups. Visit local markets and take note of the booths that you are attracted to, what makes them stand out? Is it the colors, the signage, table coverings, packaging? Pick the brains of craft show veterans for their advice and tips.

Show Me Your Booths

The Stall Style Pool 

Space – Think outside the box on the best way to utilize your allotted market space. Ask before hand what your space is like. Are you on the end? Will you have access to power? Is your space very limited? (if so consider utilizing vertical space-to allow customers plenty of room to browse your items.)

Lighting – Will you have access to power? A well lit display is a great advantage to your product. Use lighting to illuminate your work or show off your best piece.

Theme – Use a theme to reinforce your brand. For example, if your handmade soap business has a bubble logo, perhaps you could find a table cover with a bubble theme, or spread some fake plastic bubbles around your table. Consider using props that serve a dual purpose for example; a vintage suit case can add great interest to your display and add varying height as well when products are displayed on stacking suit cases.

Color – consider colors that make your product pop. Don’t wash your product out with colors that are to bold or a pattern that is to busy. Keep your theme in mind when selecting a color palette. Think about the mood you want to create when people visit your booth.

Levels – Varying height gives depth and interest to your booth drawing customers your way. Consider this – a table with product at all one level may appear empty from a distance. Use functional props to get them up where they will catch the customers’ attention.

Signage – Be sure to have a clear sign or banner that shows your store name. Make it interesting and attention grabbing. Be sure you have signs indicating the price of each product, some customers will not be comfortable asking and will be turned off at the idea of asking the price of each item. Also, consider that when you are busy you won’t have time to tend to each customer for pricing questions.

Keep it simple – Remember that your display should not overwhelm your items for sale. The idea is to enhance your product not to grab the attention away from your product. 

Oh, and don't forget to have plenty of  business cards available.


Tara said...

I can't wait to have browse through all those links. Great tips too. Thanks!

Heirloom Natural Soap said...

Michele, thanks for a great post! Funny story I had almost forgotten until you mentioned "props" a friend and I had a "bubble machine" at our booth (outside venue) I felt like Lawrence Welk "Do you want a-one or a-two bars?" -LOL! It sure was a hit with the kids! :D

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Oh my goodness,how much fun and I bet the life of the party. I bet you attracted lots of traffic your way.