May 26, 2011

Artist Profile+Inspiration for Your Thursday

Inspiration- 1. stimulation or arousal of the mind, feelings, etc, to special or unusual activity or creativity

I know that inspiration is a very personal thing. Inspiration for me is when I am touched deeply within, something resonates causing a reaction. Sometimes the feeling is fleeting and over in an instant, and sometimes aching and persistent. 

I've tried for several days(since I knew I was going to make this post)to put into words what the following words mean to me,and I've repeatedly come up with HOPE. I feel a crescendo of  my dreams. My confidence is beginning to form into a reaction - a boldness to move forward. I think many indie businesses are born from this very same place;some have moved boldly forth and some of us are still testing the waters - but wherever you are in the process I think these words will resonate.

This is for all the "quiet rebels." 

With a Gypsy Heart…

With a gypsy heart,
she was a strong but quiet rebel          
living only internal dreams
in her corporate cardboard world.

With a gypsy heart,
she was enslaved in a cubicle
with the hold button on her dreams
and her passions in a file folder.

With a gypsy heart,
she began to dance with dreams
of new possibilities and knock on
the doors of bold adventure.

With a gypsy heart,
time began to ripen her confidence
until “invisible” was no longer an option.
The rebel was ready to blossom.

With a gypsy heart,
She set sail on a new course
to navigate life with her soul by
listening to her wisdom and to her lust.

With a gypsy heart,
she blazed amazing flaming trails
with the moon over her head
and the twinkle of stars in her eyes.

With a gypsy heart,
she knew she would never be the same
or bring this romantic life to a halt
for where destiny called, she would go.

by Donniece Smith
posted with permission  
Original poems and writing by Donniece Smith – copyrighted

With a Gypsy Heart is a poem I wrote in hindsight of the experience
of leaving the corporate job structure.  It was a few years into the
transition to entrepreneur/artist that I could look back and articulate
my desperate desire to fly. I believe we all have some  "wild heart"
of the gypsy deep inside seeking to be free.
Donniece Smith is a multi-faceted artist and writer. She creates original fiber stitchery, bead embroidery, mixed media jewelry, along with paintings,stories and poems. All are vibrantly colorful and textured. Her “real life” skills derive from over twenty-five years of industry experience in graphic design.  She inadvertently became a computer geek in the process but prefers to call herself an “information architect.” Donniece’s blog Thirteen Threads from the Wild Heart is a project launched in January 2011 to celebrate living her creative life much bigger and bolder upon her fiftieth birthday.  You can join Donniece, and her muse Lulu Red, explore the creative ties that bind our hearts and lives together through the metaphor of thread at

Donniece Smith is an amazingly talented local artist-really she is too modest. I have known of her for about 3 years now and did not know the scope of her talent until just recently, when I began to take a closer look. If you enjoy fiber art; her is a link to some of her beautiful work. Do yourself a favor and take a look around-it will make your day. :D


Amy Warden said...

Neat poem! And her artwork really is amazing too!

Jennifer Young said...

Michelle, Can you tell me if you are able to see my comments? I have been having problems lately... xo Jen

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@ Amy, isn't it beautiful? She really does amazing work - she also is an expert knitter,painter etc.

@Jen - yes'm I can see you comments.

Donniece Smith said...

Thank you so much for featuring me. Keep on creating with a wild heart! Donniece