May 5, 2011

So, What do All These Other Photos Have to do With Soap?

Red Yucca

 As a small business owner I find it just isn't feasible to outsource product photography 1)it's costly 2) it's not convenient - I have new soap coming out of the mold all the time and I want to take photos right then. 

The only way I know to get comfortable with your camera is to practice, practice, practice. I would say I consider myself merely a novice photographer. I enjoy it, and I work at it because I want to have the ability and freedom to take photos of my handmade soap when I want to and when I need to get it up and listed on my blog or website. Below is a list of a few tips I have found helpful.
  • Using your camera often, helps you to become familiar with the settings.
  • If you aren't comfortable with the manual settings put the camera on auto and go at it. 
  • Experiment with the macro and different angles- using different angles makes your photos more interesting.
  • Take lots and lots of photos and you will probably find a few that you are very happy with. 
  • Pay attention to lighting opportunities - I've learned just what kind of light I like best. I look for that very warm light found usually in the late afternoon, early evening depending on the time of year. (of course that always varies with the seasonal changes.) 
  • Check out library books, or look to your local community center for a class in digital photography basics, check out books from the library and read a chapter daily.
  • Spend a day one day a month carrying your camera with you - you'll be surprised at how differently you will begin to look at things - and you will find yourself becoming more and more at ease with your camera.   
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Jennifer Young said...

Thanks for your tips. This is one area I know I can improve in. xo Jen