May 14, 2011

Hometown Flavor - Field Trip Into the Past/ Part Two

Sprinkled along this time line of the Old West you will see other items of interest  - 

A majestic windmill stands proudly against the West Texas sky

 This wagon held water in it's large storage tank; probably for watering cattle or crops.

Um -I have no idea about the year model of this truck, but I'm in love - the color is perfect

A few more structures - 

 80 John Wallace House
Daniel Webster Wallace was born the son of slaves at 17 he ran away from home to join a cattle drive with very little formal education Wallace went back to school at  the age of 25, where he was admitted to the second grade. Learning to read and write over the course of two winters Wallace eventually joined Clay Mann's outfit - a move that would end up fulfilling Wallace's dream of becoming a rancher.

 One room schoolhouse

 School books

Ropes Depot 

 Barton House
Probably the most famous structure on the National  Ranching Heritage Center grounds