April 26, 2011

Business Tip Tuesday – Utilizing Business Cards

Even in this age of technology where much of your business identity is online – there is still a place for the old school business card. Consider this – business cards are one of the most cost effective marketing tools you can have especially for a start up business. A business card is another way of reinforcing your branding, a way for a potential client to remember your name and to always have your contact information at hand. Due to a business card’s small size and portability they are indispensible; always have them in your pocket or purse, have them on your table at the Farmer’s Market, send them along with your outgoing orders to customers, always leave a business card with your potential wholesale customer.

What Information Should Be On A Business Card?
  • Your Name and or Business Name
  • Your title and or descriptive text if it’s not obvious what you do from your business name
  • A way (preferably multiple ways) to contact you; e-mail, phone number, web page…
  • Social media addresses if your industry calls for it
  • Your company logo


Briny Bar Soap said...

Ugh! At my show sooo many people asked for my card and I didn't have one. I really need to get on that.

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Well, now you know that business cards are a must have.You'll have them next time. I'm sure that the first show is quite the learning experience.

Jennifer Young said...

I totally agree with you Michelle. I printed my own for a while but it was time consuming and costly. Finally got them professionally done and I hand them out at all the markets with each sample of free soap (give out small samples to anyone I can make eye contact with) and with every sale. xo Jen

Tara said...

I just received new business cards that I really like. At my first show a couple of weeks ago, I had printed my own business cards and I wasn't totally loving them. I also forgot to hand them out! I don't think I'll forget to hand out cards that I love. thanks for the tips.