April 29, 2011

Beautiful Thing Friday

I don't have an image today - so sorry.

Instead, I wanted to make an attempt to express my thoughts on how beautiful life is, how beautiful friendship is, how amazing people are. First thing this morning, upon checking e-mails my spirit was lifted and transformed for the day. A friend in the soaping community that I don't even know on a personal level had replied to some "good mojo" emails I had sent his way over the last few weeks. This person is half a world away and is dealing with some rather serious health issues and as part of a community I wanted this person to feel my energy and presence. I was very honored this morning to hear from this person and even though he is in the midst of dealing with some "serious unknowns" my spirit was lifted and transformed by his humor and attitude. I often wonder how it is that people dealing with such serious life issues can have such a positive effect on others -others like me; going through life - generally taking such important things as health, family, friends etc. for granted. In all honesty I have wondered what is fair about all of this? What lesson is it that I am meant to take from all of this? Today, I think I caught a glimpse - I am supposed to open my eyes and realize what a delicate balance life really is-how I need to live every day as if I may have no tomorrow - I need to treasure my health, value my children, my  husband and friends and even though we don't have a lot of "things" when it gets right down to it - things truly don't matter. I know it's "cliche" and we hear it all of the time, but when people are facing tribulations of epic proportions in their life - I don't think it's the things that matter. My heart is full as I "get" this very important life lesson from someone with such humor and zest for life.

Thank you my friend - you are a fine teacher!
(((warm hugs)))


Amy Warden said...

I've had similar thoughts this week with all the devastation in Alabama. We are always living on borrowed time...and God will take us whenever He sees fit.

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

To those living the devastation in Alabama and Georgia and their families and friends I send love,light and peace-in your time of question and need.

Michael R. Hughes said...

Hi Michele,

So well written and very true. God has given us the gift of life and we are each charged with helping others and doing our part to make the world a better place. I think soap making might play a small role in that. Thank you for relaying that experience with your friend. Wise lessons!