April 15, 2011

Shampoo Bar Challenge - Day Three

Day Three - Hmmmm, it seems as if my hair is not quite as tacky to the touch during washing - could it be the silicones and other gunk are beginning to dissolve? Again, I used a vinegar rinse, I do think it makes a difference in terms of shine and manageability. Today my hair was much easier to brush through, and once I got it dried(and while drying I believe I caught a waft of the beautiful essence of lemon-yum) I noticed it was very shiny and much more manageable. The mister says he has noticed a difference in shine and feel.

I do think that today I will make a 1lb. batch adjusting out my sf to perhaps 5% and adding a bit of jojoba.


Jennifer Young said...

Sounds even more positive! You may fall in love with Shampoo bars like me. xo Jen