April 14, 2011

Shampoo Bar Challenge -Day Two

Day Two - Reading up a bit more on shampoo bars it seems that many shy away from shampoo bars because they feel as if they won't or don't get enough lather with a handmade shampoo bar. Think about this; Sodium Lauryl / laureth sulfates is a detergent and surfactant found in many personal care products used primarily as a foaming agent (notice in the previous post that it is the first ingredient after water)- maybe we are too dependent on abundant lather in our commercial products. SLS is added to almost anything manufacturers want to give ample foam to - such as toothpaste, shampoo, and body washes. I have found the lather from my shampoo bar to be very satisfying and easy to rinse out as well.

Today went well, I knew exactly what to expect - nice lather, clean rinsing product. Today I added a cider vinegar rinse and noticed my hair felt immediately more supple and clean.

I would like to add as a side note for Day One - I did notice that shine was not sacrificed in any way - it seems as if I had the same amount of shine factor as usual the only real issue was my hair seemed a bit  heavy and a little more challenge to manage - I'm inclined to think this is simply the adjustment from commercial to handmade shampoo bar.

Styling was a bit funky as my hair is a little more difficult to get a brush through without the aid of a coating of silicone. I would guess that eventually that will change or my other choice is to tweak my formula a bit to a lesser sf (this may help.)


Jennifer Young said...

I am enjoying reading about your results! Sounds good so far! xo Jen