April 19, 2011

Shampoo Bar Challenge - Day Seven

Day Seven - Yes, I am still using my shampoo bar and I think that every day is better than the last one. I have discovered a neat little tip for applying the vinegar rinse.I had some extra squeeze bottles around that I have used for soap colorants(of course this one was an unused one.)You can pick them up from the dollar store for next to nothing-they are clear plastic with the tip you can cut to open it up or just leave as is. I put some vinegar in there and now it is sooo easy to get the vinegar rinse to my scalp and hair and not all over the shower, or running through my hand as I try to make a mad dash to my scalp with whatever is left in my hand. I once thought that I might get a spray bottle, but then I thought it might still land everywhere, but my head.

Also, I made a soap that is a more specific shampoo bar yesterday. I cut the sf down and used jojoba so I have high hopes for it. It's still too soft to get out of the mold as of yet (I have read that this is normal for soaps with jojoba.)but as soon as I can I will get some photos and report how the results of how it performs(after a bit of a cure.)


Rose Marie Lewis said...

Wanted to see how your hair was doing with the shampoo bar! I've been using mine for about two weeks now, and I actually never needed a vinegar rinse. But my super-fine hair is easily weighed down by product. I really think it looks and feels fuller - but thankfully not greasy - since I've been using the bar. And the jojoba oil will soften soap considerably, even in small amounts (3 - 5%). If it stays too soft for your liking, try bringing your water down to help it cure faster. :)