April 7, 2011

A Sea of Samples

Tierra Verde Handmade Soaps - Samples

Tierra Verde Handmade Soaps hearts customers!

Soapmakers are generally a thrifty group that tend to utilize materials to the fullest - often we save packing materials, boxes and oil buckets to re-purpose in some utilitarian way. Packing and packaging materials can be used again to send yet another package out. Buckets can be re-purposed into glorious large pots for tomatoes and other summer crops or to store other soapmaking materials.

So naturally, we figure out a way to make the most of our soapy offcuts. Due to the way I trim my soap I always have a reasonable amount of offcut. Offcuts then become samples to send out with orders - I mean who doesn't love getting a sample or two with your order - it's a great deal for everyone; offcuts don't go to waste and the customer gets to "test drive" a  soap that is from what they ordered. Winning! :))


Amy Warden said...

You just happen to make your samples cuter than most! Love it!

Jennifer Young said...

Awesome. Great idea! I usually cut up my off-cuts into little regutangles and then I offer then as free samples at the markets I attend, together with my business card. Love the hearts!! xo Jen

The Soap Sister said...

Oh I'm LOVIN' those hearts....but I love your photography just as much! Fantastic job, my friend. :)

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

@ Amy-Thanks so much! You are too kind.

@ Jen - Great way to re-purpose offcuts huh? Thank you.

@ Becky - Thank you for the kind words. You know how it is when you run a micro business-we have to wear many hats;web developer, blogger, marketing specialist,photographer,soapmaker,
graphic designer,chief bottle washer...