April 26, 2011

Shampoo Bar Challenge - Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen - Wow! the time just flew by. I was thinking I needed to post an update on how the shampoo bar was coming along, but I didn't realize that today was actually the 14th day. (Thanks Rose Marie-for the reminder.)
I am happy to report that today, I am loooving shampoo bars for my hair. My hair is shiny, manageable, and soft. I desperately need a  hair cut and I will be able to tell more about how it handles then - right now it is a challenge because it is sort of at an in between length and cumbersome to manage. I will be getting it cut this week so we'll see. The long and short of it is, that I am glad I made the switch and looking back to a few years ago when I tried it(and didn't stay with it) I wish I had known the weird gumminess, funkiness would pass.


Jennifer Young said...

Again, I totally agree. I adore natural shampoo bars as well! Let us know how your shampoo bar with the lower SF & jojoba goes as well. xo Jen

Amy Warden said...

Ok, I'm convinced. I will have to give this a try soon! Been keeping my eye out for tips on how to make a good shampoo bar lately - hopefully it will all converge. :)