April 16, 2011

Shampoo Bar Challenge - Day Four

Day Four - I am loving the feasibility of a shampoo bar - the more I think about it. Shampoo bars save me lots of money compared to commercial shampoos and conditioners, my hair will be clean and conditioned in one step, shampoo bars are so portable - great for travel - no leaking shampoo and conditioner bottles. I am loving them.

Today it seems like my hair and I are into a routine. Washing is easy with plenty of lather to go around - I am rinsing with vinegar  - I feel like I get a good clean rinse and love the shine.Combing out my hair and styling has become easier - although I notice my hair to be a bit to the oily with the current sf percentage(an easy fix.)

Today, I will make the trial batch I mentioned previously and we'll see how that goes in 4 wks or so.


Amy Warden said...

I've been reading this challenge with interest. I've tried shampoo bars in the past, but couldn't get through that many days without totally giving up! My hair is colored, so I'm not sure how the soap would affect that. Strip it? Or not?

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Of course I am not a dermatologist, or a beautician, but I am not sure what could "strip" color.I would think a very mild, gentle bar would be fine for colored hair. Amy, I would think that the detergents and sls found in most commercial shampoos would be more harsh.