April 27, 2011

Fresh,Clean and Traditional-Lavender Shave Rounds

Lavender Shave Rounds - 3.75 min. net wt.

Lavender: herbaceous with a balsamic woody undertone; a fresh clean floral. Olive oil nurtures your skin while castor forms a satisfying lather that is given a fine slip with the help of kaolin clay.


Briny Bar Soap said...

I want these. All of them.

Also, "...where chemistry meets art." Love that and completely agree.

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

All the rounds will be listed soon. I haven't been too happy with a long series of photo shoots, soooo needless to say they are still on hold and haven't been listed until I can get some product shots I am at least happy with for now. I am hoping that over the weekend I can get things listed.

Jennifer Young said...

Michelle, Lately I have been hearing that to get a good shaving lather, you should use beef tallow. I don't currently and prefer not to use animal fat in my soaps. How do you get a good shaving lather? I have just been putting a lot of castor oil, similar to my shampoo bars. Would be interested to hear about yours xo Jen

Briny Bar Soap said...


Can I ask why you are opposed to beef tallow? If it is from a local, sustainable source, would you be more inclined to use it?

If you read the interview Cocobong recently posted with Tillie from Future Primitive, she explains how the sustainable palm oil goes to the same refinery as the other palm oil. There is just not enough money to build separate refineries. Your money is basically supporting the sustainable farmers, but you don't necessarily get only their product.

Tallow makes for a hard bar and can be used as a replacement for palm oil. Plus it's really high in essential fatty acids and is close to our own skin's makeup.

I understand the whole initial "ick" factor with animal fat in soap. I think it just needs the same PR rep as honey.

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

I can only speak for myself on the subject of tallow and lard,but for me it's just a personal preference. Vegetable oils make a lovely soap, why use animal fat? I really love the nutritive qualities of veggie soaps. I also think that with so many in our culture that are vegetarians,or vegans it just makes sense. Just my 2 cents.

Bobbins and Balms said...

using animal fats really limits who your customers are. Due to religious backgrounds one may not eat or use animal products,such as judaism which only allows kosher, muslims only allow halal and hindu's dont eat or use any meat. Also society is becoming more vegetarian or vegan inclined so this group will never use animal fat soaps.

I follow islam so i never even thought of using beef tallow and i find that vegetable fats give me everything i need in a soap and castor gives me a good lather.

Jennifer Young said...

I feel better about myself not using animal fats. I also feel better about myself not using Palm but I don't preach to anyone else. I have come up with some great, vegetable oil soap and palm-free soap. I wonder if anyone has any tips on getting a great shaving lather wtihout Beef Tallow? My shampoo lather and shaving lather is pretty good... but interested in hearing other tips!! xo jen

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

I am glad that different pov's have been expressed here -it gives others something to think about while also sending a clear message that neither school of thought is wrong.

Denisse and Bobbins and Balms thanks so much for giving us such good and pertinent points to ponder on.