April 9, 2011

More Felty Eye Candy

Felted soap collection progress- slowly the collection is growing. So fun, I love seeing them all together.


Bobbins and Balms said...

i'v never tried a felted soap before, i think i shall give it a go!

Andi Luther-Philippe said...

Man, I tried felting soap for the first time this past week, and it was a total disaster! Also, I had no idea it would take that much wool roving!

Out of curiosity, do you know of a good supplier of wool roving? I ordered mine from JoAnn's, and I'm thinking there has to be a better place to get it.

Thanks. :-)

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Andi-this is where I have purchased mine in the past.http://www.etsy.com/shop/therainbowroom?ref=seller_infoI did read on her blog that she will be discontinuing the roving and supplies, but for now you can still order.She is in the Uk but surprisingly the shipping isn't all that much and it arrives in a timely manner.The roving is beautiful Merino wool-very soft.Some of the brighter colors-(like the day glo pink)to bleed a bit.I'm sure if you Google-merino wool roving you can find it easily in the states or just plug-wool roving into the Etsy search. Hope that helps.

I find that the less wool I use the neater in appearance (less bulky)my final product is.