April 20, 2011

Spicey, Orangey Yumminess!

Spiced Valencia 4.5 ounce

A blend of evergreen beneath juicy sweet layers of sweet orange and cinnamon this soap is mouthwateringly good –a spicy bright citrus you’ll love. Unisex

Really, this scent is hard to explain. I smell a certain sweetness almost reminding me of an orangey vanilla, but with a coniferous note in the background trailing with a spicy cinnamon note. This scent really comes together in such a unified way it is hard to distinguish the different elements. Very unusual and very yummy - a favorite for sure.


Michael R. Hughes said...

Hi Michele,

Great Grand Opening for your website! Congratulations.

I do really like your Spiced Valencia soap. The layers of sweet orange and cinnamon sound so succulent. I can understand certain soaps that are hard to describe but when you feel and smell them, their specialness becomes obvious.

Great job!